Bat Houses

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Besides building or purchasing the best bat house you can find you also need to guarantee the bat home location is best. Are they good for anything else other than eating a few insects?

Here are the Pros of why you should consider putting up a bat house:

Based on the species – every bat will eat between 500 and 2000 insects per hour which equates to over 45 million insects in its own lifetime.

They are 100% responsible for the pollination of all of the rampant Saguaro, Organ Pipe Cactus, and Agave plants.

They are 100% responsible for pollinating all the wild Banana, Mango, Date, Breadfruit, Cashew, and Fig trees.

Here are the Disadvantages of why you might not want to attract bats:

They could carry Rabies and that I will get rabies when I get bit.

They are unclean and spread many diseases.

They will fly into my hair and get stuck.

The list of Pros and Cons go on for about two pages to the Experts and less than one page for the Cons. The advantages and disadvantages listed above are the very best ones we hear daily. There are approximately a thousand species of bats worldwide and internationally the bat populations have been declining for the last thirty years for several reasons – largely from habitat depletion!

Conclusion: Possum Feces

Bats are extremely valuable to people around the planet for many reasons such as the Pros listed above. Hardly any Bats carry rabies and according the World Health Organization over 99% of rabies hosts are puppies. The largest colony of bats known in North America are located at the Bracken Caves, outside San Antonio, consisting of about 20 million Mexican Free-tail bats and jointly they are estimated to eat over 400,000 pounds of insects nightly.

Bats are mammals and are really quite clean as they groom themselves and each other always. Bats use a type of radar, called Echolocation or Biosonar, for navigation. Bats emit sounds out and the echoes that come back are used for identification of objects such as trees, insects, buildings, etc.. . Statistically your chance of getting a bat stuck in your hair is one hundred times less likely than being struck by lightning.

Are mosquitoes keeping you indoors on all those summer nights – Miller Moths, June Bugs or other nighttime insect a problem for you? Bats aren’t discriminatory; when it flies at night and a bat finds it then it’s dead! If you’ve got no opportunity to build your own bat house, then buy the Best Bat House from the world. Directions for finding the best bat house place come with each bat house.